Interior Design Tip of the Week – Crown Molding

Why Crown Molding Should be Added to Every Room in Every House

As a realtor I see hundreds of homes/condos and apartments a week, and regardless of price, size, location and age, it continues to amaze me just how many properties do not have Crown Molding. For such a nominal price (we’re talking around $1,200 to have it professional installed in a one bedroom 800sq.ft condo and much less if you fancy a DIY weekend), you can add so much character, charm and class to your home. Adding crown molding turns a box room into an elegant space.

I am currently in the midst of remodeling a rental apartment, and below are some mid renovation, before and after pictures of the crown molding getting installed. Even with no flooring, base boards or paint, the change is phenomenal.

The pictures are not great as I took them quickly with my iphone trying to not get in the contractors way but I think its good enough to show you just how much the small change impacts the overall feel of  a room.

photo 1 photo 2photo 3photo 4

Finished spaces rocking the crown molding:

white-crown-molding-in-master-bedroom-design living-room-crown-molding How_to_Pick_Crown_Molding_for_Each_Room_5337456_460 IMG_1179 004-a-1b-SAMPLE


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