Adding character, charm and value to your home in one weekend!

Whether you are looking to purchase a fixer, wanting to remodel a room or two in your existing home or just looking for a small weekend project to add character to an already completed room, look no further…

I am a complete sucker for moldings, built-in nooks & other features typically found in older properties but just because your home may not currently have them, does not mean you cannot fabricate the features and add character & charm to your home. With a little elbow grease, and a Benjamin Franklin or two, not only will you adding architectural features to your house but you will be adding value as well.

One of the easiest moldings to do is wainscoting with shadow boxes. This can be done over a single weekend and will cost you around $100 in materials. The installation process is not difficult and you can easily complete this project in one day. The hardest part of the process is deciding on the layout of the shadow boxes. Just like most DIY jobs the key is in the details. Make sure you measure the space out correctly, decide how you want the boxes evenly spaced out around the room and ensure that once installed, each box is level. Once installed, molding shadow boxes create the look of beautiful and classic wainscoting.

Click here for a how-to video & step-by-step instructions.

Good luck and make sure to send us pictures of your completed wainscoting.

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  1. Here is another great post showing how the different types of molding can change a boring plain room.

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