Picking the LA Neighborhood that best suits you!

Nicknamed the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a world center of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media and technology. Afforded with warm sunny weather year round and in close proximity to beaches yet within driving distance to the snowy mountains during winter, there are always a plethora of outdoor activities for those living and visiting Los Angeles to take part in.

For a detailed review of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles, check Here.

Part of what makes Los Angeles an amazing place to live, is how unique each neighborhood is. Ensuring that no matter what you are looking for in a neighborhood, you will find it in Los Angeles. When it comes to picking the right neighborhood for you there are three main criteria you need to look at:

1. Proximity to work. Not that you need to live a block from work, but you do need to be realistic about LA traffic and the commute time too and from work.

2. Lifestyle. What activities do you find yourself doing in your free time? Are you always hanging at the beach with friends? are you at the latest bar in Hollywood? Do you enjoy the peacefulness of the Canyons? These are the sort of questions that you want to be asking yourself. There is no point in buying or leasing a home if it isn’t within close proximity to where you choose to spend most of your time when not at work.

3. Proximity to friends. This is very similar to lifestyle and generally they should go hand in hand. But just to make it extremely clear, I’m still going to explain this one. Buying or leasing the big house in the valley under the illusion of throwing massive house parties and having room for friends to crash after a heavy night is a nice idea, but that’s all it is. In reality, your friends who all live in West Hollywood, Hollywood, West LA, are not going to all drive away from the LA nightlife to your house in the valley to sit a drink beer in your living room.


Three of the most desirable areas to live within Los Angeles County are Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, incl. West Hollywood Hills, and Hollywood (all areas that the agents at Real Realty LA specialize in). Each are desirable in their own right ensuring that no matter a persons lifestyle and preferences they will find the home of their dreams in Los Angeles County.

Other neighborhoods that are extremely desirable are Bel Air, Brentwood, Malibu, Echo Park, Los Feliz and Silver Lake.

For details on all the neighborhoods listed above, be sure to check out our LA Neighborhoods page.

*View of Los Angeles from Runyon Canyon

2 Responses to “Picking the LA Neighborhood that best suits you!”
  1. cheekbonesandcouture says:

    Great article. As someone planning to move to LA next year these sort of articles are fab! X

    • Thank you. The aim is to provide people with as much information as possible in ways that are helpful and enjoyable. The world of real estate can be quite daunting, especially in a large sprawling city like LA.

      We have helped numerous out of state clients find their ideal apartments and houses in LA so please be sure to remember us when it comes time for your big move.

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