LA Arsonist – Staying Vigilant – Protecting Yourself and Your Community

UPDATE: Suspect was detained at 4am Monday morning outside the RiteAid on the corner of Sunset Blvd & La Brea after another night of fires (11 in total) starting at 1:13am at Laurel Canyon & Sunset Blvd.

Keep a look out for copycat arsonists tonight! Stay vigilant.


As the Los Angeles communities of West Hollywood & Hollywood fall under siege by arsonists we at Real Realty LA want to remind homeowners and renters alike that the safety of a community relies on the vigilance of every single member.

Officials have said as of 9:30pm Sunday night there have been as many as 44 separate fires the arsonist may have caused. With fires ablaze New Years Eve, one at the busy intersection of Santa Monica and Sweetzer Ave and an apartment building on fire just off Hollywood Blvd the following night one cannot predict where and how the arsonist will strike next. Therefore, without creating a panic fuelled by fear, we strongly urge residents of West Hollywood and Hollywood to stay alert.

Whether you living in a condo building or apartment block it is the duty of every single resident to ensure the safety of his or her own property along with that of their neighbors.


What You Can Do:

*Make sure to keep all exterior gates, doors and entrances securely closed. Do not leave open exterior doors unattended.

*Keep porch lights and carport lights on. Contact your HOAs and apartment managers to ensure all exterior lights are on extended timers if not left on throughout the night.

*Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious behavior to the authorities.

* Insure vehicles are securely locked and if possible, parked in a well lit area.

* Insure smoke alarms in your apartment/condo/house work.

*Join the official facebook group for up-to-date information and advice

*Check out for arson and fire safety information just posted by the L.A City Fire Department

* Have a family emergency plan and discuss it with your family.

* Get to know your neighbors and join your local Neighborhood Watch.


***On behalf of all Los Angeles residents, we would like to thank the West Hollywood Fire department, Beverly Hills Fire department, Hollywood Fire department and the city of Los Angeles Fire Department along with the aforementioned cities Police Departments.

Your hard work and dedication over the past few days is greatly appreciated.***


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