Interior Design Tip of the Week – Attention to Detail in Design

“A sophisticated & elegant home is one that pays close attention to detail” – Real Realty LA Founder Victoria Wood

One cannot overstate the importance of symmetry and balance when furnishing a room or space. It is the attention to detail in interior design that separates the professionals from amateurs.

The five golden rules of symmetry and balance to take into consideration when decorating a room are:

– Use architectural elements or custom-made cabinetry to make a room appear more symmetrical than it is.

– Always have a focal point, such as a centrally placed piece of furniture, from which every other element radiates out.

– Think of the room as a grid and be aware of the vertical and horizontal lines you are introducing within it.

– Once symmetry is in place, introduce an asymmetrical note – conversely, this accentuates the harmony of the room.

– Remember that balance is important too – this could be a link between objects of different sizes, or areas where accent color is used.

Please comment with links to pictures of your home. How have you chosen to decorate. Do you believe that a room needs symmetry and balance in order to look like a finished room?

*This weeks interior design tip taken from the incredible interior design book ‘Style’ by Kelly Hoppen.


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